Philosophy and rationale of libre knowledge

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Start here, discuss, summarise below and add to the reading list.

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The general objectives are:

  • Understand the philosophy and rationale behind Libre Knowledge
  • Be able to discuss and debate the issues.
  • Determine and pursue objectives of your own.



  • What questions do you have on this topic?
    • Write them down and try to answer them by the end of this module.
      • Find other people interested in this topic and exchange questions and answers.

The generic questions are:

  • What is knowledge?
  • What is the meaning of "libre"?

Exploring the generic questions

  • Search the web (and other sources) for insightful articles about "knowledge", "libre" and "libre knowledge" or "free knowledge"
    • Wikipedia has some interesting pages
      • Hint: look up "epistemology".