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  • Why not just say free knowledge?
    • to avoid confusion with "free" as in "free beer" - free of charge. Here we mean libre: freedom to use the knowledge and to adapt and share it.
  • Why not "open knowledge"?
    • "Open" advocates (e.g. "open education") tend to advocate the equivalent of "libre" under the banner "open" but also want to include non-libre open education initiatives which impose restrictions on use of their materials such as non-commercial and/or educational use only.
    • "Open" initiatives have generally been inspired by the "open source" movement which branched out from the free software movement with a view to gaining acceptance in the commercial sector by emphasising pragmatics over the ethics of the free software perspective.
      • Libre knowledge (and "libre learning"), libre culture and other libre initiatives were founded on the principles of libre software. For more background see Say Libre.
  • Is it okay to sell libre knowledge resources?
    • Yes, remembering that copies and derived works you sell must be released under a license which respects and is compatible with the license of the original resources.