Activities for Day 4

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Visit Recent Changes

In Day 1 of this course, we briefly mentioned "Recent Changes", as a powerful tool for seeing the activity in the wiki. In Day 4, we will now conduct an in-depth exploration of "Recent Changes".

Go to:

View Your Contributions page

This is a useful page link to help you to see all of your WE contributions. Browse the pages that you have edited, and be sure to click the links. Observe the information in the "my contributions" page, and reflect on how you can use it in future.

  • Look at the top right of any page on the wiki.
  • If you are logged in you should see your User Name.
  • To the right of your User Name, you will see additional page links (i.e., my talk; my preferences; my watchlist; my contributions; and log out).
  • Click "my contributions" and review your contributions thus far.

Searching WikiEducator

The "Search" function in WikiEducator is good for drilling down to content on specialised pages (i.e., talk pages). For most searches, we recommend using the Google's Search Engine, and use "WikiEducator" + the appropriate keywords that you are searching for.

Icon activity.jpg
Conduct a Google Search & Share Your Findings with Your Peers
  • Go to Google's Search Engine
  • Insert "WikiEducator" AND Keywords Related to Your OER of Interest (i.e., WikiEducator Open Source Software)
  • View and see the results.
  • Post a message to the L4C-Advance Discussion Group regarding your findings, questions, comments and sources (even outside WikiEducator).
  • Respond to at least one (1) member of your group with constructive feedback - about their OER findings.

Navigating WikiEducator (Finding Pages)

WikiEducator is a 'flat' structure, which means that can be created anywhere....But freedom has its challenges....

Think about your navigating structure.... One thought is