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Hello soon-to-be wikiambassadors!Welcome to our first L4C WikiEducator skills training workshop in Trinidad and Tobago. This two-day hands-on face-to-face activity, hosted by the Curriculum Planning and Development Division and facilitated by the Distance Education Unit, Ministry of Education, will equip you with the wiki skills needed to start developing content immediately.

Purpose of the Workshop

This workshop was born out of a need for the development of a training programme in the effective implementation of School Based Assessments for CXC CSEC / CAPE Physics teachers. Teachers were selected from each education district in Trinidad and varied in age as well as teaching experience. It is hoped that this workshop will spark the beginning of a project based on A Training Guide to School Based Assessment for Caribbean Physics Teachers.

It is also hoped that this workshop will sensitize teachers to the potential wikieducator holds for teaching and learning and will foster a zeal for using wikieducator in creative ways. As newly annointed wikiambassadors, participants of this first workshop will be encouraged to spread the wiki word and become active members of an ever widening local as well as regional wikicommunity and to contribute to regional as well as local L4C initiatives, long after the workshop has ended.

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According to the Skills Development Framework for Wikieducators,at the end of this workshop, you would have at least attained a competency level of WikiApprentice Level 2. Eager to get started? Well let's go!

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At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. explain the benefits of wikis and other web 2.0 technologies
  2. explain the concept of free content
  3. describe the four Creative Common Licenses
  4. create an account in wikieducator
  5. edit and format text
  6. create new pages and links
  7. upload images, files and multimedia
  8. communicate and collaborate in wiki
  9. structure content within wiki
  10. use pedagogical templates to create a learning resource
  11. use basic wikieducator tools to collaboratively author and publish content on wikieducator


Day 1: March 5th, 2009

Day 1: Home assignment

Day 2: March 12th, 2009

Tutorials at a Glance

Mini Lesson 1: Creating an account

Mini Lesson 2: Editing Basics

Mini Lesson 3: Basic Text Formatting

Mini Lesson 4: Creating New Pages and Links

Mini Lesson 5: Uploading images, files and multimedia

Mini Lesson 6: Collaborative content authoring and editing

Mini Lesson 7: Communication and interaction within wikieducator

Mini Lesson 8: Using pedagogical wiki templates

Mini Lesson 9: Thinking about structure


Wiki Syntax Cheat Sheet revised

Wiki Syntax for available templates

Confirmed Participants

Grant-Fraser Elia Female Ministry of Education

Distance Education Unit & NOSTT

Courseware Manager,

Workshop Facilitator

eliamgf@yahoo.com User:eliamgf Signed
Wrenel Roberts Male Ministry of Education

Distance Education Unit & NOSTT

Multimedia Specialist,

Workshop Facilitator

Sankar Hollis Male Ministry of Education

Curriculum Division

Curriculum Coordinator,Science

Workshop host

hcsankar@gmail.com User:Hcsankar
Moonan-Seepaul Sharon Female Ministry of Education

Curriculum Division

Curriculum Officer, Information Technology/ Computer Science User:Smseepaul
Ali Nizamoudeen Male St. Augustine Girls' High School Physics teacher naliphysics@gmail.com User:naliphysics
Baksh Yazid Male ASJA Boys' College San Fernando Physics teacher/HOD gitm2@hotmail.com User:gitm
Benny Rajindra Male Point Fortin East Secondary Physics teacher rajjen@tstt.net.tt User:rajjen
Bhika Afina Female Princes Town West Secondary Physics teacher afinabhika@yahoo.com User:Afinabhika
Cummings Natalie Female Carapichaima East Secondary Physics teacher metlee@yahoo.com User:metlee
Davis Dwayne Male Bishop Anstey East High Physics teacher dwaynedavis19@yahoo.com User:d_doctor
Matthews Kamla Female Holy Faith Convent, Couva Physics teacher soundsandphysics@hotmail.com User:Kamy
Perryman Neavonne Male Bishop Anstey High (POS) Physics teacher perryman512@msn.com User:Neavonne
Ramkissoon Trishana Female Palo Seco Secondary Physics teacher trishanasr@hotmail.com User:trishanasr
Singh Nirmala Female Northeastern College Physics teacher nfsingh@yahoo.com User:Nfsingh
Sirjoosingh Praveen Female Hillview College Physics teacher psirjoosingh@gmail.com User:Psirjoosingh


This space is for reflections by participants on their workshop experience. Video clips will also be inserted here. Coming soon!

Photo Gallery

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Workshop Report

Report will be posted on the 16th March, 2009

L4C Project

A Training Guide to School Based Assessment for Caribbean Physics Teachers