Learning4Content/Workshops/Face-to-Face schedule/L4C49/Workshop 1 - March 5/A Training Guide to School Based Assessment for Caribbean Physics Teachers

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Planning the Project

Brainstorming activity

Here are a few ideas that were voiced at the end of Day 1. Please revise accordingly.

Problems / issues observed over the years

  • teachers make many mistakes in the implemtation of SBAs
  • teachers hold several misconceptions (clarify)
  • there is a problem with the sequencing of delivery
  • model examples of SBAs with the markscheme should be provided for students
  • teachers should be provided with tips for implementing SBAs
  • there needs to be some training guide developed which teachers can use
  • the training guide can be used independently by teachers or as a workshop training resource

A few more ideas

  1. Select a project lead who will champion and manage the project
  2. start off with working groups and then spread the word to get the input of the wider local and regional physics community
  3. draft a project plan with objectives, tasks, deliverables and timelines
  4. propose a realistic date for the end of the project
  5. Use wikieducator to do it all!

Project Background

Project Purpose

Project Objectives

Target Audience

Training Guide Structure