Lesson 5: Uploading images, files and multimedia

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At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  1. Use the appropriate syntax to upload images and other forms of media in to your User page
  2. Format images using frames, captions, thumbnails, customised sizes, and alignments.
  3. Name the supported file types that can be uploaded on wikieducator
  4. Upload images from your computer to your User page
  5. Insert an image which already exists in Wikieducator
  6. Locate images from various free Internet sources

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Key points

Supported File types:

Currently WikiEducator only supports types of media with the following extensions:

  • Images - .gif, .jpg, .png, or .svg formats;
  • File types - .pdf, mp3 files and .elp (eXe files)
  • Sound - .mp3 files
  • Movies - .flv (flash video)
  • Flash - .swf (flash objects)

Note: The wikieducator community is committed to providing resources in formats which can be viewed / edited with free software alternatives. Thus wikieducator does not encourage users to upload files in a closed format e.g. Microsoft Word. Try Open Office instead – extension .odt). This is out of respect for users who may not use non-free software or who may not be able to afford the license costs of closed software.


  • Image names are case sensitive
  • Wikieducator will only recognise those files which carry the acceptable file extensions
  • Always include the extension in the filename. Ensure that it is the correct extension.
  • Each image has its own page which can be accessed by clicking on the image.

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Using an existing image in wikieducator

  1. Navigate to your User page or Sandbox
  2. Locate an image on wikieducator. Write down the name of the image file.
  3. Add the wiki syntax for inserting an image by clicking Edit on your User page and by entering the syntax.
  4. Click Save page to view the image

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Uploading a new image (a photo of yourself) from your computer to your User page

  1. To upload an image from your computer to a page in wikieducator e.g. your User page, you must first upload the image to the wikieducator server.
  2. First, go to your User page and click the Edit link
  3. Type in the name of the image you want to upload on your page using the wiki syntax for inserting an image
  4. Click the save button.
  5. You will get a red link since the image is not yet on the wikieducator server.
  6. If an image with that name already exists on the wikieducator server, it will appear on your page immediately. You will need to create a new name for the image you wish to upload.
  7. Now click on the red link. This will take you to the Upload file page where you will upload your image into wikieducator to be displayed. The Upload file page contains a form that will allow you to select an image (or media file) from your own computer and upload it into the wiki.
  8. Click on the Browse button next to the Source filename field. Your computer’s standard File Open dialogue box will open. Use this box to navigate to and select the image you would like to insert to your wiki page. The destination filename should already be filled in for you and will not need to be changed.
  9. In the Summary field, include a brief description of the image and perhaps its source.
  10. Click upload file.
  11. You should now see your image displayed.
  12. There should now be link back to your page at the bottom of the File upload page after the text “The following pages link to this file”. Click on the page listed to return to the page where you inserted the image.

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Formatting images by inserting additional attributes to the image syntax:

  • Frames: A border or frame around your image (default location is to the right)
  • Captions: Adding a description to your imag)
  • Alignment/location: Right, center or left. ‘None” is the default alignment
  • Size: To specify the size at which the picture is to be displayed (in pixels – px or width x height in pixels
  • Thumbnails: ( a small size – default 180 px)
  1. Try adding various attributes to images
    • A framed image
    • A thumbnail image
    • An image with a caption
    • An image with varying sizes
    • An image aligned to the right
    • An image aligned to the left
    • An image aligned to the center
  2. Now try combinations of attributes E.g.
    • A thumbnail image, displayed in the center of the page with a caption
    • A framed image, aligned to the left with a caption to an internal link on Wikieducator

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Inserting other forms of media e.g. videos, audio, pdf files:

  • For audio files, try and keep under 1MB
  1. This follows the same process as uploading and inserting images. However, this time use the syntax for inserting media
  2. Experiment with uploading or inserting a pdf document, an audio file and a video file in your sandbox.