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This page is for tracking issues. Its usefulness will grow as more people participate. For now I am just doing whatever I think needs to be done and occasionally edit this page.

To Do

Find images for cards

See Image Quest 2.0's images page and to browse the cards see the inventory.

Make LV: prefix a requirement

Edit all cards accordingly.

Redirects done for all cards with pages so far. It will be easy to add more with the 'LV:' prefix (via full inventory). Still need to eliminate links to the redirect pages and then delete those pages. (probably done, but need to check) - Kim Tucker 22:45, 29 August 2012 (UTC)

Handle general prefixes

Handle the general case - prefix is anything before the first colon. Currently the display card templates only handle the special case 'LV:'. For now probably ok to assume no actual namespace in title.

Form to add card to inventory

Thinking about this .... First restructure everything to use the inventory (sets of cards) - possibly split across several pages. Not sure if it worth the effort.

Status at a glance

  • Edit links: anything on the card: text, text by, image, image by, psp page ... and the actual status fields (LV Status Templates).
    • {{Lv-show-card-text}} - add edit link and in small text add attribution info (perhaps also editable)

The inventory provides status at a glance along with several ways of navigating the cards.

Image Attributions

If the image displayed on a card is changed, the attribution should (usually) change too. Need to check that the attributions still correspond, as it is easy to change the image and forget to update the attribution. - Kim Tucker 00:20, 16 February 2013 (UTC)


Display annotated cards

Template {{I am a Liberating Voices pattern card}} is deprecated - use {{annotated-lv-card}} instead. Change all cards using the redirect before deleting this template.

Template deleted after removing all links to it - Kim Tucker 22:45, 29 August 2012 (UTC)

Card display

Figure out a way to display cards and structure access to candidate images and other properties.

Ideally, we want functions like view-card(card-name) and view-annotated-card(card-name). This template is for the latter (for the former see {{custom-lv-card}}).

The card would need to be associated with properties such as its text, image, images, text-by, image-by, licence, ...

Without Semantic Mediawiki extensions, use of sub-pages is one way of doing this - suggestions welcome :-). Initially, I thought of putting the text in the page named <card name>, but perhaps I should put it in /text and use {{display-lv-card}} in the page (i.e. {{display-lv-card|{{PAGENAME}}}}).

Done (refining continues). See {{display-lv-card}}, {{Annotated-lv-card}} and its discussion page. - Kim Tucker 16:02, 13 August 2012 (UTC)