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The purpose of this inventory is to help keep track of the status of cards.

Status may be set separately for a card as a whole, a card's text and a card's image.

Some of these properties can be reached easily from this inventory.

To access all of a card's properties click on its title in the second column and edit properties via the links on the right of the card. See this help page for guidance.

Alternative card navigators

Depending on what you are trying to do, you may need to navigate from:

Status/progress categories

The following categories link to cards whose images are in the category mentioned:

  • By image status category (for Image Quest 2.0):
    • No image defined in the card's /image sub-page (i.e. sub-page empty/ not created).
    • Card has image defined in its /image sub-page (most likely a shortlisted or final image)
      • But note that this category includes cards with the 'dummy image' below).
    • urgent - urgently seeking a suitable image.
    • requesting - seeking a suitable image.
    • shortlist - a shortlist exists and is being discussed on the card's /images sub-page.
    • finalizing - the image displayed on the card (or its shortlist) is being finalised.
    • done - the image has been accepted, discussion regarded as complete.
    • Dummy image - currently displayed on the card - needs to be replaced.
    • unspecified - image status is set as "unspecified".