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A pack of Liberating Voices cards is in preparation[1].

This page currently[2] presents a few sample cards some of which may require new images.

See Image Quest 2.0 if you would like to help find images for these and other cards.

More cards (under development) may be perused on the relevant pages[3] of the Public Sphere Project.


35. Media Literacy

58. Durable Assets

60. Digital Emancipation

98. Informal Learning Groups

110. Homemade Media

127. Open Source Everything

130. Whistle Blowing


N.B. Subject to final editing, the following cards are considered to be complete.

The Good Life

The Good Life
Edward Hicks - Peaceable Kingdom.jpg
People who hope for a better world feel the need for a shared vision of The Good Life. The environmental crises of the planet require a broad vision of a good life that harmonizes human aspirations and natural limits. A framework for the modern good life should be based on some form of humanism with room for a spiritual dimension that does not seek domination.
Written by Gary Chapman. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by Edward Hicks (1780–1849). Source:

The Commons

The Commons
Seeding dandelion macro.jpg
The human genome, seeds, and groundwater should belong to everybody —not corporations. The public library, community garden, farmer's market, and land trust are familiar and highly effective local Commons. The emerging commons sector provides benefits that corporations can’t provide such as healthy ecosystems, economic security, stronger communities and a participatory culture.
Written by David Bollier. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by Chris Willis

Civic Capabilities

Civic Capabilities
Community-based savings bank in Cambodia.jpg
Illiteracy, a lack of information, poverty, political marginalization, or other factors can block the paths to social and economic empowerment. To overcome this we must encourage and develop the Civic Capabilities of individuals and communities to actively create the lives they hope to live. Direct interaction with officials, engagement in cooperative and adversarial politics, and affiliation with other advocacy groups can bring about accountability and increased governmental responsiveness.
Written by Justin Smith. Licence: cc-by-sa.
Image by Brett Matthews


  1. See the Resources page for links to relevant pages at the Public Sphere Project to get an idea of some of the work done so far.
  2. If all goes well, this page will eventually link elegantly to all the cards of the 1st edition).
  3. The Resources page includes links to relevant pages.