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Educational activities (card games) related to Liberating Voices cards.

Student project discussions

1 hour:

For example, in courses on social entrepreneurship, sustainable enterprise, community-based learning, etc.

  1. Convenor describes the process and gets started (10 minutes)
    • Students break up into small groups of (up to 8) students/group, each group with a pack of cards.
  2. Then in each group:
    • each student is dealt a random collection of cards (use the whole pack) and given a few minutes to read them to get the gist (5 minutes)
    • one student, the Presenter, describes her project and highlights current challenges (10 minutes)
    • during the presentation (active listening), the Listeners each quietly identify relevant cards received and select one which seems most pertinent
    • when the Presenter is finished, each Listener places one card in the middle (on the floor/table) for all in the group to see with one sentence: "This card is relevant because ..." (5 minutes)
  3. When all the Listeners' selected top cards are down, discuss: (15 minutes)
    • Is there a pattern emerging?
    • Do the cards point to a root cause of any issues?
    • Do they suggest a change in approach?
    • Do they raise any other questions?
    • etc.
    • Collectively identify the one card which most relates to the project.
  4. Time out - open discussion, tea, etc. (15 minutes)
  5. Repeat the above with the next student (the new Presenter) - in the next hour - not necessarily on the same day.

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