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Rugby World Cup: Teacher Notes

Each strand of Rugby World Cup: Hosting a Global Sporting Event unit has an accompanying Teacher Notes page as shown below. These notes expand each of the student activities and outline the pedagogical reasoning, teaching questions and suggested strategies as well as class and group management techniques.

Additionally there are four common threads that are integrated throughout all student activities and discussed in the Teaching notes pages below:

  • specific learning needs for the target age group (years 5-8) are acknowledged and interwoven throughout the activities as applicable
  • the use of a glossary that students add to and maintain throughout the unit
  • notes on adapting this unit for use in other major sporting events
  • the use of eportfolios and other online spaces for students to record, share, reflect and receive feedback on their learning

The Teacher notes are linked to directly from each student activity by clicking on this icon. Exquisite-kwrite.png Look for it down the right hand side of each student page.

Teacher Note Pages