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Rugby World Cup: Glossary

Throughout this unit, students will be asked to record new words or phrases that they discover or are required to understand the meaning of, into their portfolio. If they are keeping a physical record then they will be asked to set up a section at the beginning of their portfolio for their glossary that gives them enough space to make additions throughout the unit.

The glossary will:

  • be added to as the unit of work progresses
  • be for some part directed by the teacher
  • be for some part driven by the student
  • provide a reference for students to incorporate new language in their writing
  • provide a record for literacy based assessments



  • Reference points for student language development
  • Personalised learning


Students may choose to use an electronic format to record their new words. This can be an individual format or in the form of a shared wiki with the rest of the class. Students may choose to use a physical resource format to record their new words.

Role of the Teacher

  • Encourage students to recognise new words
  • Develop meaning of new words that related to student learning
  • Allow opportunities for students to explore words that they don't understand
  • Model and encourage the correct use of dictionaries