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Rugby World Cup: Unit Adaptation

As outlined in the overview, this course is designed to engage students in a project that affects their own country in the context of hosting a global sporting fixture.

While this unit is built around the Rugby World Cup in 2011 it can easily be adapted to other major sporting events. For example:

  • Commonwealth Games
  • Olympic Games
  • Winter Olympics
  • World Cups e.g. football, rugby, hockey, 1 day cricket, T20 cricket, basketball, netball

Any sporting event that draws different people and cultures together and uses a variety of venues can be used with only a minor adaptation of the suggested activities and by replacing suggested resources and links with appropriate context based material.

To assist in making this unit as transferable and re-useable as possible in the future, each activity in the Teacher notes section includes an alternate scenario for the activity. This will enable educators to quickly see options for adapting the content and personalising it to a new global sporting event.

Under each activity you should see a coloured box that will quickly alert you to the alternate activity scenario. An example is shown below.

Nuvola apps edu languages.svg


By changing the information in the first sentence this activity is easily adapted to any other global sporting event. All other information is relevant and transferable.

For example, changing the first sentence to make it suitable to the 2012 London Olympics...

Throughout the London Olympics there are 31 venues where events are taking place. Your group have been given the role of 'stadium hunters'...

...makes the activity usable in that context.