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Interviewing in Second Life. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By

The following lesson outlines are to help instructors with ideas on how to use the resources created on the SLENZ Foundation/Bridging Education build in Second Life (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kowhai/206/169/35).

The first two suggested lesson outlines are for orientation. There is a great deal of flexibility as to how these lessons can be introduced and the procedure for each. These plans are merely suggestions and idea generators.

The following outlines on teaching interview skills are currently available:

We would like to invite any educators who want to use these resources to contribute their ideas in the form of lesson outlines.
If you have any problems with these resources please feel free to contact Merle Lemon (aka Briarmelle Quintessa on SL) at the following address: merle.lemon@manukau.ac.nz