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Interview role-plays. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. Second Life build by Aaron Griffiths for the SLENZ project. CC By

This lesson utilises the Stage Two specialised interview scenarios in Second Life, for the National Bank, 3M, Hell's Pizza, Rainbow's End, and Motorworx. Each of these companies has provided one or more job advertisements for student use. These job advertisements are all available on the build in SL. Students select a job they wish to apply for, and prepare well for the interview. Each student is interviewed in the appropriate Second Life interview room by a guest interviewer. The interviewer uses a checklist to assess student preparedness and performance. Students also assess their own performance.

  • Understand the skills required in an interview
  • Research a specific company and position on the web
  • Further prepare for the interview by using the STAR Method
  • Participate in an interview scenario in Second Life
  • Self assess interview performance

File:Job Interview Preparation.pdf
File:Assessment Checklist.pdf
Web pages:

Other Resources:
File:National bank teller.pdf File:3M Marketing Specialist.pdf File:3M Marketing Development Manager.pdf File:Hells Pizza Staff Wanted.pdf File:Hells Pizza Staff Ad.pdf File:Rainbows End Marketing Manager.pdf File:Rainbows End Maintenance Assistant.pdf File:Rainbows End Motor Mechanic.pdf File:Rainbows End Summer Staff.pdf File:Motorworx Technician.pdf File:Motorworx Reception.pdf
Scenario scripts are available in Second Life on the Hyperdome Consol under Stage Two resources


  • Review the information on the STAR Method - on Notice board 8 and Note card 8 on the Stairway of Learning
  • Preparation and interview practise will take a class period and a second class period will be needed for the final interviews

Main activity

  • Students select a job advertisement that they feel may be suitable for them and/or one which appeals to them
  • Students research the job and the company online
  • Students need to write down a few questions that they can ask the interviewer at the end of their interview
  • Students need to ensure their CVs are brought in world and copied onto note cards or that their CVs are accessible on the net
  • Students write down a few key examples of experiences they can use in their interviews to illustrate their strengths (refer the STAR Method)
  • Students attend their interviews at the designated time
  • Student performance is assessed by using the Assessment Checklist - both the interviewer and the student complete the checklist, ie. interviewer and self-assessed


  • Students need to check their self-assessment against the assessment given to them by the interviewer
  • A brief reflection can be written on a note card of the experience and of the assessment