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Students learning to select clothing and hair. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. Second Life build by Aaron Griffiths for the SLENZ project. CC By

This lesson is for students who have just arrived in SL and have to be introduced to all the basic skills.

  • To introduce students into SL in a safe environment where they can learn and explore new skills
  • To teach students the basic skills of movement and communication that they will need
  • To provide students with the opportunity to practise new skills with teacher and peer support

File:Skills ChecklistStudent Name.pdf
Web pages:

  • Using Second Life - a guide for learners - Orientation package (Wiki Educator)

  • Quick Start Guide - a pdf to print out (Second Life)

Torley's YouTube Video Channel. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By


  • Second Life Video Tutorials(Second Life Wiki) – titles on every topic imaginable

  • Torley's Channel(YouTube) – Torley creativity! Video tutorials, piano play, Second Life!
The following SLurls are to useful inworld Orientation material: - SLENZ How To Get Going noticeboards - Helping area for new users - Innovative Learning - Island of Jokaydia Newbie Garden - Garden of Conversations (communication skills) - Torley Linden's island with all video tutorials inworld

  • These are all introductory activities
  • The activities do not need to be done in any specific order, but it is useful to introduce the skills in the order on the checklist
  • Students need to have created their avatars from home before the first Orientation session, as Linden have a limit of two avatars created from the same ISP address on any day

Main activity

  • Give each student the Skills Checklist
  • As students arrive in Second Life with their newly created avatars, the lecturer must add each avatar as a friend (click Edit - Friends - Add - type the student's avatar name - Find - Select - Add as Friend)
  • Once the avatar accepts friendship, teleport them to the Kowhai landing area - (click Edit - Friends - select the avatar name - Teleport)
  • Have students Friend each other and show them how to use Text and Voice Chat
  • Use the noticeboards How to Get Going at the landing area
  • Skills can be introduced as students try to read the boards - movement skills and camera controls are essential to enable students to move around and read the boards
  • Walk the students to the Foundation build and show them the shop
  • Allow students time to select clothing and hair, teach them about the Inventory, how to locate and put on their new clothing and hair, and show then the pose stands
  • This is a good time to discuss Appearance (right-click on themselves and select Appearance)and how to change not only their clothing but everything about their basic appearance, face shape, height, body structure and even foot size
  • Remind students to tick off the skills as they learn and are able to use them
  • Once the students are dressed, fly and/or teleport students to Koru - - here the students can utilise some of the activities provided to learn and practise skills, eg, using a dance ball
  • This is also a good opportunity to talk about gestures, poses, and animations
  • Challenge the students to return to the landing point on Kowhai before the end of the class session
  • Discuss skills and take questions from students


  • The Skills Checklist should enable lecturers to gauge how much students have learned
  • Discuss activities and reflections from students at the end of class time