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Interview role-plays. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. Second Life build by Aaron Griffiths for the SLENZ project. CC By

This lesson links the use of the Stage One and Stage Two resources. Students are able to think about the way an interview will differ according to selection criteria. Students research selection criteria for one of three possible pathways: nursing, teaching, or police. They then construct their own questions which they then use in an interview room.

  • Understand the skills required in an interview
  • Research selection criteria on the web
  • Construct appropriate interview questions based on entry selection criteria
  • Participate in an interview scenario in Second Life

File:Interview Practise Tasks.pdf
Web pages:

  • The job interview - Interview preparation (Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development web site)

  • New Cops(New Zealand Police) Police:

These will be useful providing they have not already been accessed for a previous lesson.

  • General Job Interview Skills

  • Classic Job Interview Questions


  • Review the interviewing quiz - perhaps just as a few oral pop questions
  • Make sure students are suitably dressed for an interview

Main activity

  • The information on the handout is available in world on a note card - distribute the note card to students
  • Make sure students access the videos - these can be viewed on the media screen in the Hyperdome (once the Second Life YouTube bug has been sorted) or via each student's browser
  • Students need to select a pathway that they are going to work with for this session, either their own pathway or one that is similar to their pathway in some way, eg. social work students may choose the police pathway
  • Students need to research the selection criteria for the pathway they have chosen - this can be done using the listed web sites
  • Students construct their own interview questions and write these on note cards
  • In pairs, matched by pathway choice, students can practise interviewing each other in the specialised interview rooms using their own questions
  • If a student produces interesting, relevant, unique questions, please send these through to Briarmelle Quintessa in world, and they can be included on the question list for the script for that pathway scenario (Each specialised room has a script available under Stage Two resources on the Hyperdome Console)


  • Students can add a short paragraph to the bottom of their note cards stating whether their questions worked well in the interview