Developing a Learning and Teaching Strategy at OP

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Developing a Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework at OP

This wiki page is being used collaboratively to develop the Learning and Teaching Strategic framework for Otago Polytechnic.

Otago Polytechnic Draft Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework_final Draft

Otago Polytechnic's Strategic Landscape

Otago Polytechnic's strategic direction articulates the following vision.


Through our innovation in education and the outstanding experiences our learners enjoy, we will be recognised as New Zealand's leading polytechnic.

In pursuit of this vision, and in line with its mission and values, Otago Polytechnic has set four strategic goals as below.

Strategic goals:

Goal one: to lead our sector in the achievement of educational excellence.

This means:

  • all learners enjoy an outstanding experience
  • all learners succeed in their studies
  • graduates are capable, work ready and employable
  • graduates can practise sustainably and make a difference to society

Goal two: to be financially sustainable.

 This means:

  • not vulnerable to periodic market shifts
  • not vulnerable to government policy shifts
  • have adequate resources for capital and operational development
  • therefore we make consistent annual surplus

Goal three: to achieve the highest level of confidence from our communities, anticipating and exceeding their expectations, including our commitments to Kai Tahu.

This means:

  • genuine engagement with stakeholders
  • understanding and meeting stakeholder needs and expectations
  • valuing feedback
  • communicating our successes effectively

Goal four: to lead our sector as a socially responsible and sustainable organisation.

This means:

  • lowering Otago Polytechnic's environmental footprint
  • enhancing our environment
  • helping and supporting individuals and communities to make a difference
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