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Design and development team

Name Location / Role Email
Steve Henry Otago Polytechnic, Centre for Sustainable Practice, Director, Lecturer
Simon Harvey The Natural Step NZ, Programme and Development Manager
Florence Micoud Otago Polytechnic, Online Programme Development
Alexa Forbes Otago Polytechnic Centre for Sustainable Practice, Sustainable Practice adviser
Wayne Mackintosh Director OERF. Coordinating OERu MVP initiative
Carol Cooper Taylor OERF Consultant, Learning Design and Development

Communication tools

Meetings and minutes

All meetings will use the OERu MVP taskforce meeting room:

Team meetings

Related meetings

Course materials

Micro course outline pages

These are the live pages

BAM610 Outline

For version offered through TANZ eCampus

Special announcements


Project schedule Gantt chart

A high level overview of the proposed project timeline is provided in the Gantt chart below. Details of project activities are posted on the site as they evolve.

Planning pages

  • Design blueprint
  • CSF100 OERu course specification
  • Course descriptions (For publication on the OERu website)
    1. Inspiring challenge of sustainable development (CSF101)
    2. Designing the transition to a living future (CSF102)
    3. Strategic planning for success (CSF103)
    4. Taking action and choosing priorities (CSF104)

Planning resources

Review checklist

  1. Check that all videos use align=left plus {{clear}} to avoid the bullet rendering problem and to promote display on mobile devices.
  2. Suggestions for improvement

Project resources and links

OLD MATERIAL see further up for live Micro course outline pages

  1. Initial brainstorm of ideas arising from concept meeting.
  2. Sustainable futures (Draft) - Original drafts developed by Florence
  3. Draft course descriptions
  4. Candidate image links

Level 7 assessment pages removed until decision on multi assessment levels

Links used for transclusion