Creating sustainable futures/6th Meeting

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Creating sustainable futures - 6th Meeting


  • Steve Harvey
  • Alexa Forbes
  • Wayne Machintosh
  • Carol Cooper-Taylor


  1. Matters Arising - Consult action item list from previous meeting.
  2. CSF101
    1. Eco Ego image. Replace or delete?
    2. Welcome emails added (Keep pressing next to see next email. Note these are hidden before course is run.)
    3. Notional Learning Hours: 14:40
  3. CSF102
    1. List of queries (posted 20 June)
    2. Meet the team Video signpost from 101. Needs cropping at point where intro to content for 101 comes in. Can then be used for all the courses.
    3. Prerequisite added of CSF101
    4. Welcome emails in place
    5. Notional Learning Hours to be estimated
  4. CSF103
    1. List of queries
    2. Prerequisite of CSF101 & CSF102 added
    3. Welcome emails in place
    4. Notional Learning Hours to be estimated
  5. CSF104
    1. Review needed and
    2. Prerequisite of CSF101 CSF102 and CSF103 added
    3. Welcome emails in place
    4. Notional Learning Hours to be estimated
  6. Bios - where are these going?
  7. Revised welcome video
  8. Marketing and communications project
    • Student recruitment video
    • Rack card
    • Course posters.
  9. Micro course listings on the website (see for example Open content licensing for educators and Inspiring challenge of sustainable development)

Key decisions and action items

  1. Reviewed the action items from the previous meeting
    • Reviewed the draft graphics produced by the artist and agreed that the "soccer ball" implementation of the 5-level framework does not adequately convey the hierarchy which is an important concept. Wayne will arrange for The "soccer ball" graphic proposal to be replaced by a "modernised" version of the original hierarchical typology. The SMEs were happy with the funnel metaphor graphics.
    • Confirmed that the other items have been addressed
  2. Reviewed the state of progress of all the micro courses
    • Agreed to delete the Eco Ego image as we are unable to source an openly licensed version
    • Reviewed the detailed estimation of notional learning hours for CSFF101 and agreed that course workload is on target.
    • Agreed that Carol can use professional judgement as an experienced designer for the workload estimations of the remaining courses without the need for a detailed working hour calculation. Wayne and team confirmed that the remaining courses fall within the anticipated workload requirements.
    • Agreed to accept the recommendations for specifying the preceding CSF course as a pre-requisite for study.
    • Agreed that Steve will coordinate and liaise with the SME team to attend to the query links listed in the agenda above.
  3. Noted that Simon had removed the incorrect course reference in the welcome video
    • Agreed that Steve will liaise with Simon to crop the welcome video to remove the CSF101 specific instructions so that the welcome video can be reused for reuse CSF102 - 104.
  4. Noted the range of OERu marketing collateral that can be used to promote the CSF courses both nationally and internationally.
  5. Demonstrated how micro-courses are listed on the website.
    • Agreed to provide the team with editing access to the CMS to finalise the course listings, bios etc on the site.
  6. Agreed to provide access to a small cohort of learners to the current materials by the end of July with the understanding that learners will be advised that this is a pre-launch version. A forum will be set up these learners to report any broken links or components which are not working properly.
    • Wayne will liaise with the SMEs to find a suitable time to provide an orientation of how to use the course from an instructors perspective.
    • Agreed to target a prototype version later in the academic year with a cohort of local learners before the international launch of the course in 2017 as part of the OERu 1st year of study.