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About Us

ICT4D Jamaica is an open, Jamaican-based network organization established to define, promote and facilitate the use of information and communication technology in the development process. We believe that the secret to prosperity for all mankind lies in the effective use of information for learning and earning and that with reducing resources we must strive as a matter of policy to produce more with less if we are to achieve growth and competitiveness.


Our philosophy is to demonstrate new levels of democracy, open, void of prejudices, characterized by tolerance, the ability to learn, the propensity to share, the willingness to be fair and to distribute benefits in accordance with equity considerations and as a reward for contribution. Our approach is one based on partnership with existing entities, that takes full advantage of ICTs to develop the group and maintain its services. It operates along networking lines and principles, and therefore within a non-hierarchical structure and framework.

Organization Membership

Membership is an open invitation to all individuals and groups from Jamaica, the region and the rest of the world who have experience, knowledge or an interest in the application of ICT in the development process; those who wish to contribute, share, research, learn and/or effectively apply ICT to governance, education and training, community development, business and commerce and particularly within the context of the Jamaican socio-economic and cultural experience and for the benefit of society.

Designing Effective Learning Programs

Jeffrey Town Workshop, Jamaica - July 16-18 & 21, 2008