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Good Practices for Community Media

The Commonwealth of Learning enables groups to work together by identifying good practices for Media for Learning. Our activities help community groups, trainers and grassroots community stakeholders identify and analyse successful / promising formats & critical success factors; and encouraging thinking about processes for developing Effective Learning Programs; and to generate awareness of Program Outcomes (over 3-5 years)

Good Practices are proven and effective activities, for Community Media practitioners to use in their projects and organizations. They can be used "as is", or modified and adapted to reflect local conditions, context(s) and culture(s). Please see various Good Practices in the table below. Feel free to add your own, and share them with our Community.

Good Practice Description Subject / Theme Location / Origin
HIV AIDS & You Teaching Youth about HIV & AIDS HIV / AIDS Trinidad & Tobago
LearnShare HIV AIDS Africa Developing HIV AIDS Programmes HIV / AIDS Ivory Coast
L3 Farmers Strengthening farming communities by identifying and making changes. Improving livelihoods. India
Our Classroom (Hamro Pathsala) A community learning programme focusing on English, Math and Science; local teachers provide tutoring support linked to the national currculum. CR & Open and Distance Learning (ODL).
  • Success Factors.
Phukusi la Moyo (Bag of Life) A community learning programme about maternal and child health. The programme is a collaboration between a community health project, the district health office and the local community radio station. CR & ODL.
  • Success Factors.
Wheelbarrow Radios Radios mounted on wheelbarrows, pushed into community markets. Teaches market-goers about health issues. Kenya
Organisational Governance Strengthening CR governance Using resources for effective governance.
  • CBAA Code of Practice
  • Code of Conduct
  • Community Radio Council
  • Election Rules of Conduct
  • Strategic Plan
Case Studies - Template Developing Case Studies Documenting case studies for learning. Canada
Facilitation Formats Effective facilitation formats and tools. Focus on participatory engagement. Canada

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