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Needs Assessment conducted for the Jeffrey Town Media Workshop

Based on opening conversations with Mrs. Ivy Gordon -Jeffrey Town Farmers Association and Ms. Kaymian Weekly, Station Manager – JET FM, held on June 30, 2008.)

JET FM Training Needs Assessment

The discussion with the stations’ principals provides background information on what programming currently exists on JET FM and how the collective visions the development of their community multi-media centre. The opening conversation suggests that:

  • Volunteers are making good use of Audacity software in producing station identification jingles (these skills can be built on and expanded to express a higher degree of creativity);
  • The Internet is frequently used for research material to aid on-air discussions;
  • Community participation is evident through contributions of one community based agency as host of programme features (greater community organization participation is being addressed);
  • Preliminary research was done by the Volunteers, to determine listener needs, particularly young people (approximately 40 respondents from the communities of Gayle and Jeffrey Town answered questionnaires).

The following programme is currently on-air:

  • Title: First Flight
  • Host: Kaymian Weekley
  • B/Cast time: 6:00am – 9:00am (daily)
  • Synopsis: Morning magazine format with lifestyle features
  • Ole time people sey - recorded Jamaican proverbs with English explanation, Kiddie’s corner – children’s learning songs

Living in Health

Hosted by the community Public Health official, currently dealing with disaster preparedness issues based on type of housing structures and geographical vulnerability of community as well as traditionally slow community response to warnings

News and Sports

Information gathered using the internet

IFCC – Individual, Family, Community, Country

Content is shared information on how each level impacts the greater whole with a brief discussion on steps that can be taken at each level to positively impact the national good.

Music: All Gospel

Needs: At the end of this training session, the group would like to add two (2)features to this programme:

  1. Vocabulary Building – introducing new English words with sentence use and spoken equivalent in Jamaican Creole
  2. Jeffrey Town Farmers feature – a series of recorded interviews to preserve the archival records of the group.

Additional Program Themes

Based on a previous survey the station has identified the following thematic areas for additional programme making:

  • Teenage pregnancies – based on high incidence in the community;
  • Youth unemployment – low skills levels and high unemployment among youth in the community;
  • Youth apathy – common feelings of hopelessness and low capacity to vision a fulfilling future for themselves.

(Comment.gif: Both Kaymian and Ivey thought that drama would be the most effective means of conveying theme messages in a manner that would impact the target population and lead-in a discussion.)

Training dates

The proposed new dates July 16-18 & 21 were agreed upon.

Rosamond Brown/June 30, 2008

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