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Tutorial.png Basic Table Operations 

Creating a Table | Design a Table | Open a Table | Add Records | Edit a Table | Navigate a Table | Close a Table | Delete a Table | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Closing a table

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Use two methods to close a table

When you are designing a table or working with the data make sure you click on the save button on the toolbar as you make changes. When you are finished click on the close button (X) or the use the close menu item. If you have not yet saved your changes, you will be prompted.

Close menu

Figure 1. Method One: Menu

When you want to close a window from design or data entry you can use the Close item from the File menu.

Close button


You can also close a window by pressing the close button (X) on the upper right of the window.

Test your knowledge

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Closing a table


1. You could lose data if you close a window without first saving the changes?

Incorrect, you will be prompted if there are unsaved changes. Click here to review the topic.
Absolutely Correct!

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