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Tutorial.png Basic Table Operations 

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Adding Records

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Add records to a table
  • Decifer data entry error messages

Add Record

Figure 1. Adding Records

Once the table is open, navigating the fields is like moving around the cells of a spreadsheet. Click the field to edit it, or use the arrow keys to move around. The left most column will indicate the action, if a green arrow head is present to the left of the row it is the active row being edited. If a yellow star is present it is a new entry.

Missing Data

Figure 2. No Data

If it is both a new row and it is active as the row being edited both the green arrow head and the yellow star will be present in the leftmost column. if you add data to a row that is incomplete (i.e. it does not contain entries in all the mandatory fields) an error will occur.

Error Message

Figure 3. Error Message

This error message provides the name of the missing field. The last_name field is mandatory so when the database tried to save the new record it could not. Close the error dialog, correct the data entry problem and try to save the record again.

Test your knowledge

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Adding data to a table


1. Table design rules will be enforced when you try and save a record to the table?

Absolutely Correct!
Incorrect, rules are enforced, this keep the tables data integrity. Click here to review the topic.

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