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Liza Loop's vision of how the Program Board might function (10/08/2010):

CCCOER carries out its Mission and Purposes through the work of its Standing Committees and through the activities put on by the Program Board. The Program Board is made up of the Program Chair, the Communications Chair and one representative from each Program Subcommittee and Working Group.

Any member may suggest an activity to the Program Chair. The Program Chair will decide, in consultation with the Program Board, whether that activity furthers the Mission and Purposes of the Consortium and will benefit the members. If the idea is accepted by the Program Board, the Chair will convene a subcommittee (for a program series or long-term projects) or a working group (for a one-time activity). The participants in these subcommittees and working groups would be individuals (faculty, staff and students) from institutional CCCOER members or individual CCCOER members and CCCOER paid staff. The subcommittee or working group will:

  1. Prepare a short description of the activity or program
  2. Investigate the level of interest among the membership in the proposed program
  3. Define the scope of the project in terms of duration, number of individual partipants and resources needed
  4. Prepare a preliminary financial plan for the program including anticipated expenses and potential revenue sources
  5. Present these results to the Program Board for approval or rejection

Assuming the preliminary results are accepted by Program Board the project will be referred back to the subcommittee or working group for:

  1. A production plan for the project, event, service, etc.
  2. A financial plan prepared in conjunction with the Finance Committee
  3. A publicity/recruitment plan prepared in conjunction with the Publicity Committee and the Membership Committee
  4. A staffing plan that enumerates both paid and volunteer labor needed
  5. A schedule that includes preparation for and execution of the project, event or service

Once this work is completed to the satisfaction of the Program Board, the Program Chair will bring the project to the attention of the Governing Board. The Governing Board may, at its discretion, approve or reject the project by email without a meeting, decide to hold a special meeting to consider the project or put the project on the agenda for its next regular meeting.

Upon approval of the Governing Board, the subcommittee or working group may proceed to put on the program.

  • Working groups drawn from membership at large
  • Size of group varies depending on activity
  • Participants are mostly volunteers (not elected)
  • Group may hire staff as needed and funds permit or "borrow" from Executive Director's staff

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