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CCCOER Governing Board Standing Committees

See a graphic representation of the Committee Structureclick here

Program Board

+ Co-chaired by  Program Chair (Susie Henderson) & Communications Chair (Jo Munroe)

  • Proposes annual program to the Governing Board
  • Plans and oversees all activities (beyond Governance) provided by the Consortium for the benefit of the membership
  • Convenes Working groups to produce and manage specific events
  • December 2010 Quarterly Meeting Working Group: (See December 2010 page for planning information.)
  • Florida Distance Learning Webinars for State-Level Administrators
  • Coordinates CCCOER Working Groups to work with other OER movement initiatives
  • Open Content Licensing Group

Publicity/Communications Committee

+ Co-chaired by Vice President (Geoff Cain), Communications Chair (Jo Munroe) & President (Cable Green)

  • represents CCCOER to the public (non-members)through participation in Conferences, Government Meetings, other OER organizations, media interviews, blogging and other venues
  • promotes CCCOER’s mission and objectives

Membership Committee

+ Co-chaired by Secretary (John Makevich), Treasurer (Angela Secrest) & Communications Chair (Jo Munroe)

  • identifies and contacts prospective members
  • prepares and distributes information about the consortium to prospective members ...more on CCCOER/Committees/membership

Finance Committee

+ Co-chaired by Treasurer (Angela Secrest) & Program Chair (Susie Henderson)

  • develops annual budget for consortium
  • works with the Program Board to figure out what the programs Consortium can afford to offer
  • oversees Program budgets

Financial Development Committee

+ Co-chaired by Financial Development Chair (James G-G), Treasurer (Angela Secrest) & President (Cable Green)

  • identifies and applies for grants, prizes and other forms of supplementary funding] for the Consortium

Elections Committee

+ Co-chaired by Secretary & Elections Commissioner (Angela)

  • content goes here

OER Quality Standards Committee

+ Co-chaired by Vice President & Standard Committee Official (Tom Caswell)

  • Content goes here

(Comment.gif: Primary Contacts from each member institution select volunteers from their organizations to serve on Standing committees, Program Board & working groups)