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CCCOER 1Q 2011 Meeting

We are planning to hold the 1Q11 CCCOER Quarterly Meeting in conjunction with the League of Innovation Conference February 27 to March 2, in San Diego. Scroll down for details.

►I support holding informal "birds-of-a-feather" type meetings at conferences and promoting conference presentations by CCCOER members but I do not agree that CCCOER Quarterly Meetings should be planned at expensive venues without online attendance. I expressed this view to Jacky in October but plans have proceeded apace. In view of my opposition I have declined to participate in the planning so far. I also object to using CCCOERs scarce staff and financial resources on this meeting in the manner proposed. Further direction is needed from the Governing Board. -- Liza Loop, Interim Executive Director, CCCOER

Sunday February 27, 2011 1pm-5pm The League requires us to submit This information. Everyone who attends must be registered at the League Conference. People from non-member colleges will be welcome. Hilton San Diego Bayfront - no interactive online participation although the meeting may be streamed. Formal presentations will be studio-recorded before or after the conference.

Agenda and CCCConfer info for December 20th Planning meeting

AGENDA for 12 PM PST Meeting

  • Review last meeting ideas and action items
  • CCCOER Board Support and Participation
  • 2nd Keynote speaker - status? No response from Sal Kahn - move onto option 2?
  • Preliminary Timeline
    • Review and assign tasks
  • Conference Attendance: We have a special day rate for the conference -
    • Review plan for handling it
  • Meeting times - what works for the team?


  • Dial your telephone conference line: (888) 886-3951
  • Enter your passcode: 899415
  • Go to
  • Click the Participant Log In button under the Meet & Confer logo
  • Locate your meeting and click Go.
  • Fill out the form and enter the password: 899415


  • 0 - Contact the operator for assistance with the audio.
  • 6 - Mute/unmute your individual line with a private announcement.

Past Meetings

  • Oct 26: attended by Joanne, Sharyn, Monica, Jacky, Una, Andrea
  • Nov 9 Andrea, Jacky, Mitchell
  • Nov 23: Sharyn, Jacky and Andrea

CCCOER 1Q 2011 Working Group

We hope to have the following people serve on this committee: Andrea, Jacky, Joanne, Liza, Monica, Ron, Sharyn, and Una.

Others are welcome. Please contact Jacky 650 949-7091 for more information or show up at the next conference call.

Joanne Monroe (Governing Board - Communications), Ron Bleed (former Steering Committee Member), and Una Daly (GB - At large, Associate Director, COT)  will be attending the League Conference as official CCCOER representatives (travel subsidized by CCCOER) and presenting at the League conference. Liza will also be attending. Andrea is located in San Diego and has committed support to this meeting. The League Conference is co-sponsored by Andrea's district SDCCD. Other members of the working group will attend the meeting remotely. CCCOER is paying Sharyn out of its portion of the Hewlett grant to be responsible for branding and promoting CCCOER at the meeting and the conference; Monica is also a paid member of the team to provide advice from managing past quarterly events.

Co-Sponsor FlatWorld Knowledge

With Una's help, Jacky has done her first task, finding a co-sponsor. Travel, League registration fees, conference room rental, internet, catering and marketing expenses will total $5000-$6000. FlatWorld Knowledge will share these expenses with us. That publisher of Open Textbooks will also provide a presentation at the meeting.

Decisions Already Made

1. Venue

  • Hilton San Diego Bayfront in conjunction with the League of Innovation conference Feb 27-Mar 2.
  • Stella Perez of the League has committed support for meeting.
  • Decision made not to use a web conferencing system for remote attendance.
  • Will inquire about live video/audio streaming for remote attendance or lecture capture for later viewing.
  • Door prizes: thumb drives. The importance of this is to collect business cards and to get people to stay to the end.

2. Program

  • Generally we want this to be a relaxed discussion-style meeting with few formal slide presentations.
  • Start with introductions by the participants. Attendees will be encouraged in advance (what's the mechanism for this? LL 10-29-10) to answer 2 or 3 questions about OER best practices at their colleges.
  • Co-sponsor Flatworld Knowledge will be provided with about 30 minutes. We will encourage FWK to provide a demo or discussion rather than a formal presentation. This will be the only textbook presentation because CCCOER is trying to broaden to all OER including courseware.
  • Jo Munroe will lead a short discussion of open courseware.
  • We will arrange for a few demonstrations of OER tools for modifications (e.g., photo, sound, video editing) and combining (OER Glue, playlists, LMSs, etc.). Because of limited time, these demos would be held simultaneously in various parts of the room. Tool vendors will be asked to share in some of the costs of the meeting.
  • We will seek to have one of the following people be a guest participant: Sal Kahn of Kahn Academy, Allan Golston, President, United States Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, or Paul Lanning, President and CEO, the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

3. Marketing

  • Invitations and registration: Sharyn plans to use the same methodology as for the Dec meeting: Google form, publicity on the wiki and oerconsortium site and the COT nings, invitations to lists from FlatWorld Knowledge and the League if possible.
  • NOTE ADDED AFTER THE MEETING: We should also put up posters and/or have flyers about the meeting at the registration area and/or include a flyer in the conference packets.
  • CCCOER branded materials including a 3-fold brochure. Also have membership agreements available for colleges that are not already members.

4. Followup

  • Videos will be edited and distributed by the League if possible. If not, Happy About will do this.
  • Followup by CCCOER membership committee to colleges, other organizations and individuals who attend but are not yet members.
  • We agreed to have a door prize so that we collect people's contact information. The suggested prize is a free wiki lesson. After the meeting Judy Baker offered thumb drives to use as door prizes.

5. Action Items:

  • Sharyn: google form for registration, publicity, 3-fold handouts, etc. All of this should wait until after the December meeting with the possible exception of a 'save-the-date' style notice.
  • Jacky: talk with Stella about date, time, room, sending to the emails of registrants, inviting the
  • Jacky: Ask Sal Kahn of Kahn Academy to attend and lead a short session. Jacky will meet Sal on Nov 16. UPDATE Nov 17 -- I was not able to attend and I am having second thoughts about asking Sal to be a presenter. Let's discuss this November 23.
  • Jo: Prepare to lead a discussion about open courseware.
  • James and John, arrange for the 2Q11 meeting to be at College of the Canyons.