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What is CCCOERtube?

CCCOERtube is an infrastructure building activity of the Program Board that furthers one or more of the organization's Purposes and is undertaken for the benefit of its members.

Purpose of CCCOERtube

Initial suggestion from Jean Runyan of Ann Arundel Community College in Maryland:

"It would be great if the CCOER could offer professional development opportunities for faculty/staff. Topics ranging from "what are open educational resources" to best practices uses (faculty showcase). It would be great if we could develop short video clips to showcase efforts, disseminate information about best practices, etc. We created a "YouTube" channel at our institution ( and we consider creating one for CCOER."


Liza Loop suggests that the building and maintance of CCCOERtube be thought of as one activity. The creation and publication of each video is a separate activity. If the production is elaborate it should have its own working group. Once we have a few videos separate events can be planned and scheduled that use the videos. As with production, if the event is elaborate, formal or involves a lot of people the person proposing the event should probably convene a working committee to help produce, publicize, execute and archive the event.


Please refer to specific tasks below and edit this timeline so we can tell at a glance how this project is progressing.

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Oct 30, 2010: Liza sets up this wiki page.

Oct 29, 2010: Email from Jean Runyon to Liza Loop suggesting the project. Email exchange ensues. Jean replies "I'll post the info on the wiki and would be happy to be the POC" (point of contact).

About the CCCOERtube Working Group

Who is involved and how to contact them

  • Group Leader: Jean Runyon, Ann Arundel Community College
  • Contributed Staff: "Someone" in Jean's office with experience creating and maintaining a U-tube channel

If you want to join this working group please contact Jean and volunteer. Please feel free to involve your staff, faculty and your students. Whenever appropriate, add their names and contact information so that they can participate fully in the activity and can receive both creative credit and appreciation for their contributions.

When is the next meeting and how to attend

What is currently being worked on?

Specific tasks being undertaken by specific people (including help wanted)

Jean Runyan says "I have someone in my office who created/maintains the site and we'll be happy to do this for the CCOER. I'd be happy to help with webinars--or host online training in our LMS if we decide to do that."

Identified tasks needing volunteers

New suggestions and ideas