Set yourself up for success

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Set Goals for your immediate and long-term future. Your tutor and the careers counsellor can help you, and give advice about courses that give you the most opportunity for success.

Come prepared. Bring the right equipment and books to school, including a diary for your assessment dates. That way your written work and notes are tidy and organised.

Organise your time. Sometimes it's difficult to keep on top of your work, so start assignments early rather than leaving them to the last minute. You have tutorial twice a week for 100 minutes, so know what work to do in that time. Don't waste the time you are given.

Procedures. Be aware of what to do if you can't hand in your work or can't attend an assessment. What do you do if you are sick or on a trip or there's an emergency ?

Enjoy a balanced Life. Study and a job should be balanced with time for relaxation and rest. Remember, your main obligation is to achieve at school, not your paid job. Albany Senior High School provides your best chance to gain knowledge, skills and qualifications.