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To ensure that work handed in at Albany Senior High School receives the same grade as schools around the rest of the country, a system of moderation is established. This means that national assessment panels check a sample of the student work marked in every subject at Albany Senior High School. This process ensures that the standards awarded in our school and the school down the road are fair and of equal value.

Special Assessment Conditions

Student Support identifies students who require special assessment conditions at enrolment. They will inform teachers about students' needs. If parents are concerned about their child's assessment conditions they should see Student Support as early as possible in the year. Students will be provided with valid and fair assessment conditions consistent with the assistance they would normally have as part of their learning environment.


All work submitted for achievement or unit standards must be your own. It is your responsibility to:

  • Keep all drafts and working documents, and hand them in to your teacher if required
  • Keep a record of all resources that you use including hand written plans and web sites.
  • Acknowledge the source of all material in your assignment, citing whether it is from text, electronic material or people.
  • Ensure your data is accurate
  • Be prepared to discuss your work further with your teacher if required
  • Sign the assignment cover sheet verifying that this is your work

Breaches of the Rules

  • Copy another student's work
  • Copy material from written or electronic sources without acknowledging the source (plagiarism).
  • Inappropriately helping another student with any part of their work
  • Allow someone else to copy your work
  • Allow someone else to do your work
  • Use forbidden technology in a test or exam (eg non-designated printer, non-standard calculator, cell phone)
  • Distract other students in any way during a test or exam

This is the process that is followed when the authenticity of work or breaches of the rules are an issue.

  • The Specialist Subject leader will interview the student after gathering the evidence.
  • The Specialist Subject leader will give the evidence to the Principal's Nominee (Louise Moore)
  • Louise will interview the student and make a decision
  • The student, Specialist Subject leader, tutor and parents will be informed of the decision