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Case studies

What should you do in each of these situations?

  • You have a deadline coming up for an assessment that you have been working on during class time. On the day the assessment is due, you wake up feeling sick and can’t go to school.
  • You work really hard on an assessment and think you have satisfied the criteria for Excellence. However when you get it back, you see you’ve only gained an achieve grade.
  • You’ve got a big assessment coming up in one subject, but a school trip is scheduled for the same day in another subject.
  • You’ve been working hard on your assessment ready to hand it in, and another person in your class asks if they can have a look at your work and copy some bits out of it.
  • You wake up sick on the day of your external NCEA exam.
  • You’ve booked a big family holiday that starts in the final week of term three. You’re worried that there might be some NCEA assessments on that week.

How many credits do you need?

What are the requirements for each of the three NCEA levels? Fill out the boxes below:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
______ credits

______ credits

______ credits

______ Numeracy Credits ______ Literacy Credits ______ carried through from level 1 ______ carried through from level 2


  • Course endorsements require ______ credits at either merit or excellence level. Except for entirely internal or external courses, there must be at least ______ internal and at least ______ external credits.
  • Certificate Endorsements: If a student gains ______ credits at Excellence, their NCEA will be endorsed with Excellence. Likewise, if a student gains ______ credits at Merit (or Merit and Excellence), their NCEA will be endorsed with Merit.

University Entrance

  • ______ credits at Level 3 or higher, made up of:
  • ______ credits in each of three approvcd domains (subjects)
  • Literacy: credits in English or te reo Maori at Level 2 or higher, made up of:
    • ______ credits in reading
    • ______ credits in writing
  • Numeracy: ______ credits in Numeracy at Level 1 or higher