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Your Classroom Teacher

  • Course outlines, course information and assessment schedules
  • Marking and grading questions and concerns
  • Help with completing course and learning related concerns

The Specialist Subject leader

  • Requests for extension of time
  • Missed assessment procedures
  • Compassionate consideration for internal assessments
  • Unresolved assessment grading concerns

Head of Student Services (Ronwyn Taylor)

  • Compassion consideration verification of personal/family trauma

NZQA Liaison School Officer (Louise Moore)

  • Any inquires regarding candidate entries and fees
  • Financial assistance applications and advice
  • External examination inquires
  • Compassionate consideration for external examination
  • Coordination of special examination applications and conditions
  • Unresolved assessment grading concerns


  • Missed assessment and Appeal application forms
  • Derived grade applications (Externals ONLY)