Working with spreadsheets/Spreadsheet design/Assessment

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Unit 2 Assessment

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Portfolio Activity

Please note: If you are completing the assessment for this course, then you need to complete this portfolio activity.
  1. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the scenario and instructions in the Assessment brief
  2. Download and print the Planning template
  3. Create your spreadsheet plan
  4. Submit your spreadsheet plan for assessment

Spreadsheet specifications

With the data provided in the Scenario you are required to plan a spreadsheet to show:

  1. Cost per appliance per day - (Cost per Hour X Hours Used Daily)
  2. Cost per appliance per week - (Cost per Appliance per Day X 7)
  3. Cost per appliance per month - (Cost per Appliance per Week x 4)
  4. Use the SUM function to calculate:
    • Total cost of all appliances per day
    • Total cost of all appliances per week
    • Total cost of all appliances per month