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Assessment Brief

The scenario

You obtain a brochure from your electricity company that lists the typical operating costs of appliances based on average sizes and local electricity rates:


You will complete the project in three stages:

Part 1
Develop a spreadsheet plan.
Part 2
Create the spreadsheet.
Part 3
Use the spreadsheet to solve a problem

Spreadsheet specifications

With the data provided in the Scenario you are required to produce a spreadsheet to show:

  1. Cost per appliance per day - (Cost per Hour X Hours Used Daily)
  2. Cost per appliance per week - (Cost per Appliance per Day X 7)
  3. Cost per appliance per month - (Cost per Appliance per Week x 4)
  4. Use the SUM function to calculate:
    • Total cost of all appliances per day
    • Total cost of all appliances per week
    • Total cost of all appliances per month

Assessment overview