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Selecting text is also known as highlighting text. It is used often when using Microsoft Word for tasks such as formatting, deleting, moving or copying text.

When you have text selected you need to be careful that you do not accidentally delete the selected text, this is easily done as if you press any key on the keyboard the selected text will be deleted and replaced with the key you pressed (even the spacebar).

Select a word
Double click.
Select a sentence
Ctrl + Click anywhere in the sentence
Select a line.
Move I-Beam into the left margin of the page beside the paragraph (selection bar) and click
Select a paragraph
Triple click anywhere within the paragraph
move I-Beam into the selection bar, point to the paragraph and double click
Select multiple paragraphs at a time
Move I-Beam into the selection bar, point to paragraph and double click. Holding down the left mouse button and dragging down the document selects multiple paragraphs.
Select horizontally
Click and drag across text.
Select vertically
Click and drag down with I-Beam or drag in selection bar.
Select between two points
Click at the beginning, move I-Beam to end point and hold down Shift + Click at the end point.
Select the whole document
Press Ctrl and click in the selection bar or triple click or click the Edit menu then click Select All.
Deselect text selected
Click away from the selected area.