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Portfolio Activity

Assessment Task 2

Winendine are preparing an update to the New Zealand and Australian Gourmet Experiences brochure.

As a booking incentive they have decided to hold a competition. All flyers received will go into a draw for a luxury weekend gourmet experience for two either in Australia or New Zealand.

You have received the following instructions from the manager.

  • Create a flyer to be included with the latest brochure and booking form.
  • I will leave the layout to you but make it eye catching and use a graphic somewhere; maybe a balloon or whatever is appropriate.
  • Include one or two font styles.
  • Make sure our company details; address, phone, fax and email appear on the flyer.
  • Use the text below.
  • You can add text or rearrange things but all of this information should appear.
  • Make up a simple question and display it in the space provided.
  • Spell check and proofread the flyer.
  • Save the flyer

Your flyer must:

  • Include at least one appropriate graphic
  • Include accurate company details
  • Include all the required information
  • Include accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Be saved with an appropriate filename

Company Details are: Winendine Gourmet Experience, 1468 Marlow Road, Dunedin. Phone 03 4889843, Fax 03 4889844, Email info@winedine.co.nz


Save the document to your assessment folder and print one copy and add to your assessment portfolio.

Assessment Task 3

Open the file Mount Cook which is located in the Assessments folder in Moodle.

  1. Amend the file in accordance with the editing notes below.
  2. The page you are editing is page 3 of a brochure: insert right-aligned page numbering to reflect this.
  3. Print and save the file with an appropriate filename

Your letter must:

  • Incorporate all the required amendments shown below
  • Include accurate spelling and grammar
  • Include appropriate punctuation and vocabulary
  • Be saved with an appropriate filename

Editing notes

Mount cook editing notes.png

Save the document to your assessment folder and print one copy and add to your assessment portfolio.