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A welcome message from Malta
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Hi, greetings from Philip Serracino Inglott and Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit in Malta.

Click on the audio link below to start the download of the audio file. Not recommended for dialup connections!

(Note: If you're using a low bandwidth connection to the Internet skip the audio message and arrange for an off line version of the multimedia files).

Linking to my wiki world
If you have spent time surfing the Internet, you will have followed a hyperlink that connects one webpage to another. A hyperlink can connect any two pages accessible on the Internet.

A wiki is a collection of web pages which can be viewed by anyone in the world with an Internet connection.  Individual wiki pages can be linked to other pages in the wiki and pages on external websites. Now that you have made your first edit, and explored a few text formatting features it will be useful to learn how to connect pages together and to create new pages in the wiki.

In this tutorial we will:

  • look at how a wiki is structured
  • connect wiki pages to external websites on the Internet (external links)
  • link pages to other pages in WikiEducator (internal links)
  • create new wiki pages using the rich editor toolbar
  • examine short cuts for linking to pages in Wikimedia Foundation projects.

All of these processes are related. We call the connections links. In the first section we will learn how to create external links. Subsequently, we will learn how to create internal links and new pages, which are just a special case of an internal link.