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Key points
In this screen cast we demonstrate:
  • How to create your own personal practice space called a "sandbox'.
  • We will insert a new sub-heading called "My Sandbox" and a new link to your sandbox from your userpage.
  • Note You must be logged in before completing the activity.
  • The link will first appear as a red link on your userpage.
  • Click on this link, add text in the edit window then save your page.
  • Use your sandbox to practice new wiki skills.

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Tip: This screen cast is best viewed in full-screen mode. Click on the computer icon on the player control menu of the screencast on your right.

Screencast A: Wayne, demonstrates how to create a sandbox link on your user page.

The service shut down in August, 2015,
so this copy of the video is no longer available.
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Wayne Mackintosh.