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Contact-new.svg Wayne Mackintosh
Website:My bio @ COL
Employer:Commonwealth of Learning
Occupation:Education specialist, eLearning and ICT Policy
Other roles:Founder of WikiEducator

Advisory Board - Wikimedia Foundation

Editorial Board, Open Learning
Nationality:New Zealand (South Africa)
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Welcome to my campaign page! As the very first WikiEducator -- now a family of 80,796 members! -- I'm proud to see my promise to establish a democratically elected governance team taking shape with the start of our inaugural Council elections.

Education is a fundamental human right and no one should be denied access to learning for the lack of free content resources or the requirement to purchase proprietary software to participate in learning. My vision is to empower all educators around the world to return to the core values of education - namely to share knowledge freely. This is what WikiEducator is doing and I will continue to support our community in achieving its aims.

Through this page I want to convey my future plans for our project and to share my commitment to the WikiEducator family by highlighting my past service to the community.

We will turn tomorrow's promise of Open Education Resources into today's reality

What I will do if elected to the WikiEducator council?

  1. Uphold the values on which the WikiEducator community is founded;
  2. Establish WikiEducator as the wiki of choice for education professionals in all sectors and levels including formal, non-formal and informal education;
  3. Share my knowledge, experience and insights of WikiEducator freely with all members to achieve their own objectives through our community;
  4. Ensure a welcoming environment for all newbies so that they can join our community where they are at and mature on the journey to becoming a WikiMaster;
  5. Implement quality assurance approaches to promote wide scale adoption of the learning materials we produce;
  6. Develop models for establishing national OER projects in all countries;
  7. Oversee the implementation of a robust and rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan so that we can produce evidence of our successes and learn from our mistakes;
  8. Leverage my managerial and commercial acumen to provide strategic leadership and support for WikiEducator to become financially self-sustaining;
  9. Foster and promote an ecosystem of collaboration with our partners in the free knowledge movement that subscribe to the Free Cultural Works Definition including for example the Wikimedia Foundation projects and Connexions;
  10. Collaborate in the authoring of funding proposals for strategic projects with individuals and institutions that will serve the growth and success of our initiative;
  11. Promote relevant technology innovations and solutions to support open participatory learning environments, prioritising interoperability among OER initiatives and the development of solutions for offline participation for those educators who may not have 24/7 access to the Internet;

My main contributions to the WikiEducator family

Wayne at Wikimania 2007 with Ward Cunningham, inventor of the first Wiki and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
Wayne talking about WikiEducator at PCF5
I am an avid supporter of wiki approach to implement a peer collaboration model for Open Education Resource development. Here is a list of my main contributions to our project:
  • Founded the WikiEducator project and you can read about our early history in WikiEducator: Memoirs, myths, misrepresentations and the magic;
  • Developed WikiEducator's strategic plan and assist our community with its implementation;
  • Established the Interim International Advidory Group as a means to involve the community in the governance of WikiEducator until the project had grown large enough to elect a Council through democratic means;
  • Conceived the Tectonic Shift Think Tank where we plotted a technology roadmap for refining the Mediawiki software for educational purposes. I co-facilitated the Think Tank with Erik Möller, a member of our Interim International Advisory Group and Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation;
  • Participated as contributing author in our self study tutorials helping newbies get started on their wiki journey;
  • Promote WikiEducator internationally at major conferences, workshops, and events in my role as WikiAmbassador;
  • Conceived and implemented the Learning4Content project which is the world's largest attempt to develop wiki skills for education and have personally trained more than 800 educators in getting started on WikiEducator;
  • I participate actively in our community discussions and have posted more than 500 messages to the list;
  • I am a Top 50 contributor with more than 10,000 WikiEducator edits;

My educational credentials

  • Qualifications: BCom, BEd, MEd, PhD, Higher Education Diploma (Postgraduate).
  • Experience: More than 24 years international experience in education having worked in three Commonwealth countries.

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