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Contact-new.svg Victor Paa Kwesi Mensah
Website:WE Site
Employer:Commonwealth Secretariat
Other roles:OER Developer with CDC
Country:Ghana & Zambia (Currently)
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for WikiEducator.
Hammer and spanner.svg This user is a Learning Designer who assists with the instructional design of free content projects.
Today is: 14, April 2024

Baptism Into WikiEducator

This is my campaign page for the up-comming Community Council Elections. My association with WE has been like a fairy tale - "lost one day, found WE the next day, and HERE I AM, happier with life than ever!!". After participating in the group discussions for some time, i joined the first Workshop in the Learning4Content project. I have never turned my back since!!

My Contributions to WikiEducator

Since discovering WikiEducator (WE), i have been on fast-track to contributing to the development of OpenResources. Open Education Resources (OERs) are the way forward in ensuring, first, that there are materials available for ALL; and second, that the materials validity and relevance are sustainable. I have contributed snippets and thoughts to major content development processes around the world. I believe the spirit behind wikis is the opportunity to also contribute back to the community some of the benefits you gained from freely using content.

A full list of all my contributions on WE can be found here

Contents Contributions
I have contributed to several contents on WE. While i have been the primary developer on certein topics and contents, i have also edited and made contributions to other contents.

  • My primary Content contributed freely to WE (complete must can be added on by WikiEds) can be found here.
  • Other major Content contributions i am working on can be found here.
  • Topics i am specialising in for the moment are in the area of Project Mangement and Events. For the next few months, i will be focusing on Events Mangement and its allied topics.
  • Other topics i have interest in are in Management Science/studies, Entreprenourship, and Strategic Management
  • I am also interested and able (and willing) to contribute to contents and issues on HRD/HRM, ICT for Sustainable Development (ICT4SD) and ICT for Youth Development (ICT4YD).
  • Contents have also been contributed as part of my WikiNeighbour activities
  • I am also a Learning Designer for WE


  • Kudos to all members of the wikieducator group,
  • all members and all friends at COL, thanks for your wonderful efforts.

My WE Projects and Activites

The following links may give you more information about myself and my WE activities:

What i Bring to This Role

  • Commitment, drive and passion for what i believe in
  • Believe in WE that the future of Education and Learning lies in Open Resources
  • Believe in the principles of Openness, Collaboration and creative freedom
  • Vast experience in OER content development
  • Ability to network and build and maintain partnerships
  • Facilitation, "facipulation" and Capacity Development Skills
  • Member of top 50 WE active users/Content developers. Verify here'
  • WikiEducator L4C Trainer.
  • A belief in the COMMUNITY - that development should be spread to the benefit of ALL
  • Membership of several international (online and distance engagemnent) organisations: IGLOO, TIG, WYA, SWA, IYPF, WAY, CIVICUS, etc.
  • Vast management experience in multicultural settings
  • "Green", youthful energy.

Your Questions ANSWERED

I will want to address all questions and suggestions relating to my campaign on a daily bases. Kindly post a question right here or use my discussion board here!

--Victor P. K. Mensah 15:36, 15 July 2008 (UTC)



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All WikiEducator members are invited to take part in this election and vote for the candidates of their choice.

Results will be communicated and the winner(s) announced on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.

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