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In the next few months, CDC will be encouraging the development of the following content:

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Our Objectives in developing and supporting the development of OERs are as follows:
  1. Contribute to ...
  2. Promote ...

We encourage you to start editing and adding on to the projects bellow. If you are not sure how to do edit, you can practice safely here. Remember to also use clear pedagogical tools in editing/adding on. Learn about which pedagogical tools are currently available and how to use them well here.

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Tip: You can also download a .pdf (127kb) version of some available iDevices or pedagogical tools here

General Instructions

Active Content Development Projects

Managing CSOs and FBOs

Church/Ministry Leadership and Management


Introduction to Events Management

Introduction to Social Events

Introduction to Corporate Events

Introduction to Special Events

Managing Fundraisers

Introductory Course on Organising Meetings: Tutorial Structure

Meetings and Conference Check Lists

Meetings and Conference Management

Conference Oucomes Assessment Planning Guide

Corporate Events Management


Introduction to Projects

Introduction to Project Management Methodologies

PRINCE2 - Managing Projects

PM2 - Managing Projects

Other Web Resources

There are several Web resources we will reccomend to you. They will either assist you to get a deeper understanding of how this Wiki works, and/or further deepen your appreciation of contributing to the development of OERs.

Kindly help start other collaborative works here.
Start them bellow or contact the Cordinator of CDC OERs for assistance