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Well, first it is great to see such a group of leaders and interesting individuals willing to serve on the WikiEducator Council! I am pretty chuffed to be sharing space on the same list as a Council candidate and thank you for taking the time to look over my “campaign materials.” You can find a little more about me through my profile Kenudas.

What I Think is Important

Open Education: Education is a humane activity and open education is an invitation to humanity, which is part of an ecosystem that supports growth through engagement. WikiEducator, along with many other organizations and activities, has an important catalytic role that brings vitality to the ecosystem establishing and providing community, using, sharing, and creating various types of tangible and intangible resources. In addition to content, WikiEducator creates and supports political awareness, opportunities for self-determination, community, and a public, open, and community created reminder of our potential as learners and teachers. As a member of the WikiEducator Council I will advocate for and participate in:

  • Engaging with larger communities of educators who are searching for ways to contribute to open education.
  • Promoting and participating in demonstration projects in OER and OSS that connect to WikiEducator commitments and activities.
  • Promoting through my professional affiliations the activities and values of WikiEducator.


I have been involved professionally with open, distance, and flexible education since the mid-90s. All of the organizations at which I have worked have shared a mission in lifelong learning and reducing barriers to meet the education and social capacity needs of individuals and communities. Throughout my tenure in Slovakia, Austria, Texas, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, New Zealand, New York, and now Pennsylvania, I have been involved with education organizations demonstrating steadfast commitment to working in culturally unique and complex environments. Almost all were undergoing significant transformation, providing opportunities for nontraditional adult learners to further their education and contribute to the economic and social well being of their communities. During the past few years I have contributed in various ways to promoting open and flexible and the education community, some examples include:

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at KEU10@PSU.EDU

Confirmation of nomination