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The Learning4Content (L4C) project aims to provide free training in wiki skills through a series of online and face-to-face workshops. In return, participants will become WikiEducators themselves by developing and donating one free content resource back to the WikiEducator community. We need facilitators to continue training thousands of educators around the world

The bounty for a L4C facilitator is USD800

Person specification

We are looking for prospective facilitators to assist in presenting in-country, face-to-face workshops as well as online workshops for the Learning4Content project. A L4C workshop facilitator must:

  • have mastered the wiki skills required to teach and support learners in attaining the requirements specified in the L4C Learning Contract, (i.e. the level of Wikibuddy);
  • be knowledgeable about the WikiEducator community project including our:
  • have prior experience in facilitating training workshops - and shown a willingness to followup with participants
  • be a team player and collaborator.

Requirements for submitting an expression of interest

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Key points
Please note that we no longer have external grant funding to support facilitator bounties and the L4C initiative continues as a volunteer initiative. The bounty contest rules remain on this page for historical reasons.

A prospective L4C facilitator must:

  • Complete their user page in WikiEducator demonstrating that they have mastered all the skills required to teach Newbies up to the level of Wikibuddy in our skills typology.
  • Compile a 2 page resume and upload this as a file linked from their respective user page providing:
    • Contact details
    • Country of residence
    • Citizenship
    • Current position
    • Educational qualifications
    • Summary of work experience / career history
    • Details of facilitation and/or teaching experience
    • Evidence of Mediawiki editing skills, for example links to pages created in WikiEducator or other Mediawiki sites.
    • Short paragraph motivating why you are submitting an expression of interest for the L4C initiative.
  • For prospective face-to-face workshop facilitators:
    • A signed letter in pdf format from a senior manager from the host institution confirming access to a computer laboratory for a 2 to 3 day workshop for at least 15 WikiEducators who wish to receive free training in wiki skills. This letter must be uploaded WikiEducator with a link from the applicant's user page.
    • A brief description of the participants the facilitator aims to recruit for the workshop.
  • In the case of a prospective online workshop facilitator:
    • Evidence of co-facilitating a WikiEducator online workshop or similar workshop in teaching Mediawiki editing skills.
  • Applicants must comply with the bounty contest rules

Submitting an expression of interest

After completing the requirements listed above, prospective facilitators should submit their expression of interest by posting a message on the expression of interest thread for this bounty. Remember to indicate whether you are applying for an online or face-to-face workshop. Naturally we will would welcome expressions of interest to help us with both face-to-face and online workshops.

Notification of acceptance

The OER Foundation will contact you via email and a response on the relevant talk page notifying you of a successful application for this bounty. You will be required to sign a contract with the OER Foundation before commencing with a L4C workshop in order to qualify for the bounty.