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Describing a WikiEducator bounty

A bounty is a reward or honorarium payment for assisting our community with a specified task. These tasks are announced from time to time, by the OER Foundation or OERu anchor partners who fund the infrastructure for the WikiEducator project.

A bounty is similar to a fixed price contract when compared to the statement of work and specified deliverables, but is more in tune with the approaches associated with open source software and the free culture movement.

Our hope is that individuals and institutions believe in doing a specific task. Simply put, the money paid is just an additional incentive. Bounties are a mechanism to communicate emerging priorities so as to better support the work of WikiEducator and the OERu and its partners.

Acceptance of any bounty work done on WikiEducator will always be determined by its quality and if it makes the project better, not if merely meets some legalistic requirements. For this reason the criteria for granting a bounty depends on the satisfaction of the project owners.

Bounty contest rules

  1. Consult the list of proposed bounties published on this page. A bounty has three distinct phases during its life cycle:
    • Proposed: Where individuals or organisations are invited to express their interest in a prospective bounty and to justify why they are the best candidate(s) to take up the bounty;
    • Active: This represents the phase from the point where the bounty work has been awarded to a successful proposer(s), and will remain active until the project is completed. During the active phase no more expressions of interest can be accepted.
    • Completed: Once the statement of work has been completed to the satisfaction of the OER Foundation, the bounty is paid and the status of the project is changed to completed.
  2. We encourage wide involvement and discussions from the community. Feedback and discussions must be posted on the corresponding discussion page of the bounty concerned. If multiple people want to work on the same task, they can more easily find each other and collaborate through the relevant discussion tab in WikiEducator.
  3. All bounty work is carried out and reported transparently within WikiEducator, unless it is impractical to do so.
  4. We will advise you via email and public acceptance on WikiEducator if we want you to work on the bounty and give you a time frame within which we expect you to complete the work.
  5. A formal contractual agreement between the OER Foundation or OERu partner and the bounty applicant(s) is required before commencing work on any bounty;
  6. Bounty work must be of high quality which is acceptable to the values and standards of the WikiEducator community, and the performance standards of the contracting organisation.
  7. A bounty is completed when it is submitted and accepted to the satisfaction of the OER Foundation in accordance with the statement of work and contractual agreement.
  8. The bounty payment must be claimed by submission of written invoice within one month of the completion of work as specified in the contract.
  9. Our budget for bounty projects is very limited and regrettably we cannot accept ideas for more bounty projects than those listed by the OER Foundation or OERu partners. However, we encourage the community to prepare funding proposals for the international donor community for WikiEducator projects that will meet your national and regional needs. Talk with us -- we're happy to help with funding proposals where we can.
  10. Our decision is final. We're not out to mess anyone around, and you have the whole internet to complain to if you don't like it.

Current bounty projects

Bounty project Description Closing date for expression of interest Bounty value Status
Moodle in the Commonwealth

Interested? - post your expression of interest

  • To compile an inventory of education institutions in the Commonwealth using the Moodle LMS;
  • To determine the feasibility/interest to commence a WikiEducator free content project for professional development resources on using Moodle in distance learning format;
  • To compile an inventory of existing training materials that are available under a free content license;
10 November 2007 CAD$1000 Complete
WikiEducator L4C facilitators
Interested? - post your expression of interest now
We are looking for both online and face-to-face facilitators to present either a 2.5 - 3 day workshop or 10 day online wiki training workshop to prospective Learning4Content (L4C) participants. Closed USD800 Complete
Otago Polytechnic Open Textbook Course Project The purpose of this bounty project is to source an existing open textbook(s) and to develop an OERu open online course mapped to the learning outcomes of a 2nd year level course in the Bachelor of Applied Management at Otago Polytechnic based on the open text. 31 July 2014 NZ$15,000 Proposed