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We need multimedia developers to help us:

  • Develop multimedia to support and enhance learning
  • Innovate wiki based OER through the addition of multimedia
  • Promote new approaches to learning through the utilization of multimedia

The bounty for a CCNC multimedia object is CAD$1500


The multimedia object must follow these guidelines;

  • be licensed under GPL / CC-BY-SA both source files and compiled versions
  • be an original work created by the multimedia developer
  • include, at least, sound and images
  • all text and spoken audio will be in English (In the case of spoken audio a transcript is required).
  • be at least three minutes long and no longer than five minutes
  • support the learning objectives of the CCNC or a CCNC module, yet not be dependent upon the CCNC (so the multimedia can be re-used in some other learning situation)
  • Where possible, be developed and stored in free file formats;
  • All source files must be submitted with the final product
  • Other (TBD)

Person specification

We are looking for prospective multimedia developers to create online multimedia videos, screen casts or some interesting innovation of your choosing that will enhance student learning for the CCNC modules.

These multimedia objects should be either directly aligned with the learning outcomes of a specific CCNC module or provide a learning event that addresses a theme inherent within the CCNC as a whole. A CCNC Multimedia Developer must:

  • have mastered the skills defined within a CCNC module. Have an intermediate understanding of wiki page authorship (i.e. the level of Wikibuddy);
  • be knowledgeable about the WikiEducator community project including our:
  • be a team player and collaborator.

Requirements for submitting an expression of interest

A prospective CCNC Multimedia Developer must:

  1. Complete their user page in WikiEducator demonstrating that they have mastered all the skills required to teach Newbies up to the level of Wikibuddy in our skills typology.
  2. Compile a 2 page resume and upload this as a file linked from their respective user page providing:
    1. Contact details
    2. Country of residence
    3. Citizenship
    4. Current position
    5. Educational qualifications
    6. Summary of work experience / career history
    7. Details of Multimedia Development experience
    8. Evidence of Mediawiki editing skills, for example links to pages created in WikiEducator or other Mediawiki sites.
    9. Short paragraph motivating why you are submitting an expression of interest for the CCNC Multimedia Developer initiative.
  3. Identify the CCNC module they wish to develop a multimedia object(s)
  4. Provide a brief description of their multimedia object(s)
    1. the learning objective(s) of the multimedia object(s)
    2. the media used
    3. an approximate duration
    4. the wiki page(s) where the multimedia object would be embedded


  • Closing date for expression of interest: 1 July 2008
  • Selection of projects completed by: 15 August 2008
  • Contracts signed: 31 August 2008
  • Multimedia components produced and published by 31 November 2008

Submitting an expression of interest

After completing the requirements listed above, prospective developers should submit their expression of interest by posting a message on the discussion thread for this bounty. Remember to indicate which CCNC module you are wanting to develop multimedia. Naturally we will would welcome expressions of interest for more than one module.

Notification of acceptance

COL will contact you via email and a response on the relevant talk page notifying you of a successful application for this bounty. You will be required to sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Learning before commencing work on developing Multimedia.


Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg
Bounty Module CCNC Module Name Multimedia Theme Award Contact Reference Status
1 1 Concepts of IT Introduction to computers, software, hardware and information networks Otago Polytechnic Leigh Blackall see description On hold
2 1 Concepts of IT An introduction to computer parts with animation showing how different parts work and process information Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Uma Kanjilal see discussion thread On hold
3 2 Using the computer and managing files Using the computer to manage, create and print files. Virus management is also covered. Otago Polytechnic Leigh Blackall see description On hold
4 2 Using the computer and managing files Installing Ubuntu and other application software. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Uma Kanjilal see discussion thread On hold
5 3 Word processing Getting started with the writer application Independent Peter Rawsthorne see treatment example On hold
6 3 Word processing Creating templates, performing a mail merge and database integration Otago Polytechnic Leigh Blackall On hold
7 4 Spreadsheets TBD Constance Hospitality Academy Vishal Roopun see development plan On hold
8 4 Spreadsheets TBD Constance Hospitality Academy Vishal Roopun see discussion thread On hold
9 5 Database Cut up a standard school form and normalize its data, then design its database tables Independent Peter Rawsthorne On hold
10 5 Database Implement the database based upon the previous normalization demonstration Independent Peter Rawsthorne On hold
11 6 Presentation Bonus Bounty TBD Pending
12 6 Presentation Bonus Bounty TBD Pending
13 7 Information and communication An introduction to network concepts, types, architecture etc. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Uma Kanjilal see discussion thread On hold
14 7 Information and communication An introduction to Web 2.0 communication tools (blogs, wikis, social networks, phones, rich media, etc.) Otago Polytechnic Leigh Blackall On hold Subject to mapping with the ICDL curriculum.
15 0 CCNC Introduction A mash-up of talking heads and other relevant multimedia describing the importance of the CCNC project. Commonwealth of Learning Wayne Mackintosh On hold (No bounty payment)
16 0 TBD Bonus Bounty TBD Pending

Status Legend and Schedule

  • Pending - awaiting feedback and confirmation (target completion: August 31st)
  • Confirmed - bounty recipient has confirmed participation and agrees to schedule (target completion: September 5th)
  • Treatment - Multimedia treatment has been completed and is awaiting approval (target completion: September 15th)
  • Approved - Treatment has been approved and multimedia development should begin (target completion: September 30th)
  • UAT - Multimedia object is under review by select participants (target completion: November 15th)
  • Published - Multimedia object is complete and embedded in related CCNC module (target completion: November 31st)

Bonus Bounty

What is the bonus bounty? I was thinking that the group that finishes first would be rewarded with the remaining bounties. Now the only thing is another bounty award considered a bonus?!?

Project Roles

Pankaj to review treatments for completeness and alignment with CCNC outcomes.<br\> Peter to act as Project Manager

Next Steps

  1. Confirm module development with bounty recipients
  2. Confirm schedule(s)
  3. Issue contracts for Bounties