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Hello dianne104:37, 23 January 2012
Great work!201:29, 11 February 2008
Carnival photos101:12, 11 February 2008
Hello012:28, 30 January 2008

Hello dianne

Dear Dianne, I did not realise that a few Trinis are involved with the OERU project. I am also involved. How are you? I passed by the campus office and a lady said you are in another building across campus.

I am wondering what opportunities may exist for me to do some part time work with Open Campus. I am trained in MA-Distance Ed from IGNOU and have Msc -Telecommunications--U Colorado.

I can send more info when you respond. My wife is an e tutor with open Campus. i am presently Curriculum coordinator--Ministry of Education--Curriculum Planning and Development Division,Couva. I am a Wiki Educator.

Hcsankar (talk)12:49, 6 November 2011


I am only now seeing this because I don't use this site. I am no longer working with the Open Campus. If you are interested in working with them you may want to contact Dr Denise Gaspard-Richards.

See you online Dianne

Dthurab (talk)04:37, 23 January 2012

Great work!

Hi Dianne -

Excellent progress -- I'm most impressed! I've left a tip on your user page which you can delete after you've figured it out.

Clearly you're a wiki natural and I look forward to seeing your content contribution. Use this as an opportunity to fine tune your skills because I'd like you to consider becoming a WE facilitator for one of our L4C workshops.

See: WikiEducator:Bounties


Mackiwg (talk)06:01, 10 February 2008

Thanks Wayne! Its been a journey. I am even more sympathetic towards UWIDEC's students who are working and doing 3 online courses at the same time because it took some serious time management skills to keep up the pace. I plan to continue trying to work a bit every day if I can on my content contribution. I am really excited though and would LOVE to be a WE facilitator in the future.


Dthurab (talk)01:18, 11 February 2008

Thanks for the link. Just read the WE Bounties and am interested in the future so I am going to really work on my content contribution so I will be confident enough to co-facilitate soon :-)


Dthurab (talk)01:29, 11 February 2008

Carnival photos

HI Dianne,

Great photo of you in your carnival costume! Cheers, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)16:53, 10 February 2008

Thanks Patricia. Maybe next year you can visit..I'll book you a costume :-)


Dthurab (talk)01:12, 11 February 2008

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