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Dear Dianne, I did not realise that a few Trinis are involved with the OERU project. I am also involved. How are you? I passed by the campus office and a lady said you are in another building across campus.

I am wondering what opportunities may exist for me to do some part time work with Open Campus. I am trained in MA-Distance Ed from IGNOU and have Msc -Telecommunications--U Colorado.

I can send more info when you respond. My wife is an e tutor with open Campus. i am presently Curriculum coordinator--Ministry of Education--Curriculum Planning and Development Division,Couva. I am a Wiki Educator. hcsankar@gmail.com

Hcsankar (talk)11:49, 6 November 2011


I am only now seeing this because I don't use this site. I am no longer working with the Open Campus. If you are interested in working with them you may want to contact Dr Denise Gaspard-Richards.

See you online Dianne

Dthurab (talk)03:37, 23 January 2012