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Group Project Project

Group Projects and Online Collaboration

There is considerable interest in providing students with real-world experience. That includes working as part of a team or in work groups. Most students have very limited experience in working collaboratively. As instructors, we are doubly challenged. We want students to work collaborative to enrich their learning experience but in order for them to work together, we need to teach them to work collaboratively.

This workshop addresses the issues and guidelines to help you, the instructor provide a successful and meaningful collaborative learning experience for all your students.

  • Pedagogy of collaborative learning
  • Online groups
  • Group formation
  • Project planning and completion
  • Facilitation and mentoring
  • Presentation and publication
  • Wrap-up and reflection

This set of lessons is intended to be used either alone or as part of a larger course.

The modules can be used for self-study or incorporated into staff development.

Suggest forming cohorts, then participants have 3-10 days to complete work ? 5-15 hours - could be one day or over weekend to keep focus, make experience intensive.

It was developed to help faculty design and implement group projects as an online collaborative activity.

  • Prepare instructors to prepare students to participate in online group projects
  • Apply techniques and teaching strategies for collaborative learning to online group projects

Purpose List of goals and objectives for the topic to help focus the learning

Question or activity to remind you of what you already know about the topic
The reading or instruction to provide a foundation for completing this phase of the group project assignment Application of the theory

Work on this portion of the group project.

Specific activities or sub-tasks within the project process.
Reflection on what you have learned

Talk with group about process, discovery, activities
Approximate time to complete 5 – 10 minutes 0.5 – 2 hours per topic depending on your interest in exploring the external links 0.5 – 2 hours per topic 10 minutes – 1 hour per topic depending on your interest
Comments This activity prepares you for the topic. Topics have from one to three short reading selections within the Class Notes section. External links provide additional resources. The assignments guide you through the group project process. The discussion with peers promotes reflection and metacognition.

Opportunity to "compare notes" with team members, other students in class

The format of this set of lessons follows the pattern described here.


  • list of questions to start thinking about the topic
  • Objectives - list of goals, objectives, outcome for this topic


  • Design Principles - describes the underlying instructional design principle for this topic
  • Tools and Methods - describes tools and methods used to implement principle to achieve objectives


  • Reading - list of online references that support and expand on material presented here
  • Demonstration - Show and Tell - case studies, examples


List of activities to do to reinforce and extend learning, practical application of theory, mini-projects, next steps for devloping a group project module for an actual course


Problem-based discussion, learning community interaction

The Group Project modules are online lessons for instructors planning to include online collaborative group project activity into course material. These modules address issues in preparing students to work collaborative on group projects. The topics covered in the Group Project modules are:

  • Group Project Introduction
  • Instructor Preparation
  • Learner Orientation
  • Forming Project Group Teams
  • Planning Projects
  • Exchanging Work on Projects
  • Publishing and Presentation
  • Evaluating the Process
  • Group Project Summary

Group Project Feedback and Group Project References are also provided.

The accompanying report to this set of lessons discusses the background and theory of developing online collaboration and group project activities, providing learner orientation, guiding learners through the project and evaluating learner effort and team product.

  • Constructivist Theory
  • Active learning
  • Group projects
  • Needs analysis
  • Research
  • Learning Styles
  • Group Formation
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Project Planning
  • Communication
  • Deliverables and Products
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Evaluation and Assessment