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Group Project Summary Just to provide closure, spend some time coming up with a very brief summary of the important points covered in these modules.

   * How do group projects contribute to the learning experience in an online course?
   * Are there other activities that could be used in online learning that provide similar learning experiences?
   * What are the concerns that students have that must be overcome in preparing for online group projects? 


In these modules, the steps for prepraring and facilitiating online group projects were presented.

   * Group Project Introduction
   * Instructor Preparation
   * Learner Orientation
   * Forming Project Group Teams
   * Planning Projects
   * Exchanging Work on Projects
   * Publishing and Presentation
   * Evaluating the Process
   * Group Project Summary 

Group Project Feedback and Group Project References are also provided.


Keep on the lookout for good ideas that you can incorporate into your online group projects. Several publications frequently have articles with examples of what works.

   * OLDaily (Online Learning Daily)
   * Syllabus magazine
   * ASTD 


Write a brief summary of the Group Project modules and how you can apply the information to your online course. Post your summary to the discussion. Comment on two other posts.


Complete the questionnaire and click submit. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thanks for spending your time with us. This project has been a wonderful opportunity to meet with many instructors to collect and share experiences with online collaboration and group projects. This site will continue to be available indefinitely. It is a work in progress, so come back any time. If you have great insights to share, please pass them along.

Best regards, Valerie Taylor$138